Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rules for Internet Dating

Rules for Online Dating:

1.       Post pictures that actually look like you. There is nothing worse than gushing over the hot guy with the smooth skin and the washboard abs who claims to be into physical fitness, only to meet him and he likes like a life-size Cleveland (Family Guy reference) or worse, Professor Klump. Also, ladies, don’t post pics of how you looked before you had your 4 kids and was “all that!” If you want to have an honest and meaningful interaction, you have to build that relationship on honesty from the gate. Also, limit the amount of makeup and body enhancers you wear (i.e. spanx, wonder bras, girdles, buttpads, etc.). Why? Because it’s all a LIE! A little embellishment isn’t bad, especially if you’re honest about it. But some of ya’ll go too far! Your hair is Brazilian, your nails are Korean, your boobs are silicone, your ass is likely to implode and you’re wearing mini centipedes on your eyes….what the hell? LADIES!  STOP THE MADNESS!!! If a man doesn’t want you the way you are, then let him pass and keep it moving.

2.       Don’t lie about your lifestyle. Yes, fellas…I’m talking to you. DO NOT tell a woman you make 6 figures being a restaurateur and are personal friends with Kanye and Lil Wayne, knowing full well that you’re scrubbing the floors, can barely pay rent and the closest you’ve ever been to Kanye and Weezy is the bootleg cd you burnt off the internet. When she finds out that you lied, the lack of success won’t even be the point. It’s about the flat out deception. How can a woman trust you to lead her if she can’t trust you to not lie to her?

3.       Don’t fall for the corny pickup lines. This one is specifically for the ladies: The downfall of the lack of face to face contact is that you can’t read body language or be able to tell how genuine a person is. So you have to be careful about what you believe. Ever hear of the expression, “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”? It definitely applies when it comes to dating, especially online. Guys have the opportunity to say anything to you without your ability to detect the lie as easily but let’s be honest: If a man is saying he loves you yet nothing significant has occurred to cause feelings of that caliber…I’m gonna need you to NOT be desperate enough to believe it.

4.       Take it slow. No matter how instant the connection or chemistry may seem, don’t jump too fast! It’s the quickest way to get your feelings hurt. Plus, you should give each other time to let the infatuation stage wear off and figure out how you both are to the core. In any relationship, you should look deep before you leap…or you may find yourself jumping off a cliff.

5.       Don’t be shy! Go after the guy/girl you like. One of the benefits of internet dating is the little extra courage it gives you that some people just lack in person. Mingle, flirt and have fun. It doesn’t have to be so serious. LADIES TIP: The reality is men don’t do the choosing in this world, women do. So go out and pick yourself a nice one. (SORRY BOYS!) BUT don’t try to be an e-player if you’re not ready for the game you’re playing. (That’s a whole different topic altogether.)

6.       Don’t linger. You should have an idea after so many exchanges whether this person is cool for you or not. If not, don’t lead them on. Let them know and let them go! Simple.

7.       THEY’RE JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU! It’s a hard lesson to learn, but its just how it goes: you meet someone, everything seems to be cool and all of a sudden, they’re gone and you spend time trying to figure out where the date went wrong. Real talk, they just weren’t that into you. The internet contains so many options, its not unusual for a person to act like a kid in a candy store and hop around from one flavor to the next. Don’t take it personal. Just move on and move up, immediately!

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