Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love and Technology Introduction

Love and intimacy has definitely changed through the years and much of that is due to the advancement of technology. 50 years ago, before the days of cell phones and internet, making an emotional connection was more complex. The standard of beauty was fixed, mainly because of the lack of outside influences being readily available. Men were required to court a woman and come correct, i.e. opening car doors, paying for dates, spending time around a girl's family, etc. Women were expected to know their roles and stay there. And your options were as limited as the money in your wallet.

Fast forward to 20 years ago, when the Internet and cellphones were first hitting the mainstream. It was a luxury that only true ballers could afford. Yet, what drove people together the most was the advancement and popularity of the media. Music, Television and Movies gave youth common ground to stand on and, also, an outlet to show the rest of the world what they were living like. The rich showed off in grand fashion, creating shows such as the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. And those in impoverished conditions exposed themselves to the world through music and movies, such as the emergence of groups like Public Enemy and NWA and movies such as Menace II Society and Boyz In The Hood. As awareness grew, so did interest in people from other walks of life. For the first time, everything didnt feel a world a way but as close as your backyard.

Now, with everything and everyone at your fingertips, the world is truly your oyster. People connect all over the world via sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. And its allowed us to be exposed to things we never thought we could ever have access to, to fall in love with people we never thought we'd meet. Even business has become so much easier to expand and gain relevance.

But the most notable change is in our love lives. Technology has truly changed all the rules and now we live in an age of immediate gratification, where you dont need exercise when you can have surgery and waiting a few seconds longer for a webpage to load is a major annoyance. The game has changed significantly....so have the rules changed too?

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