Sunday, April 8, 2012

What the Bible teaches children about Sexuality

Coming from a perspective of someone who is not affiliated with any religious denomination, I have to admit: I still trust the Bible for many life lessons. For a child, sexuality in a world where many adults are confused can be a difficult concept for any child to come to terms with. The Bible breaks down the true purpose and meaning behind sex, which is what a child needs to be made aware of at an early age. Also, there's alot of bad information that children receive and its important to combat that with a wealth of knowledge from reliable sources. Plus, you want to teach them the proper precepts. Its important that a child absorbs and takes the basic principles to heart before they ever come of the age to be tempted.

The Bible teaches children 3 things about the sexual union:
1. Sex is for reproduction, in order to repopulate God's world
2. Sex is meant to nurture the love and relationship between husband and wife
3. Sex is meant to represent the love of God and Jesus.

Its important to note the world that our children are growing up in. It won't take long for your child to acknowledge that many adults, and even older children, don't abide by the rules they were taught. The important thing is to teach them not to do as others do, but to learn from their mistakes. If instilled properly as children, through time and maturity they will come to understand much better.

And timing is of the essence! Sometimes, parents have a way of saying the timing is wrong for the child when the truth is that the timing is wrong for mom and dad! The reality is that our kids are coming up in a world where sex is beginning at 10 years old and children have adult bodies. Children's minds don't have the capacity to process emotions and hormonal feelings towards others, so the lack of information is detrimental to a child at that stage and in the wrong situation.

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