Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Types of Female Orgasm

There are many ways to have an orgasm but the most important thing is to know how to induce an organism. There's nothing worse than great sex without a happy ending. There are in total 8 types of orgasm, which are broken down into 2 categories: Foreplay and Penetration. Foreplay orgasms are those that take place before the actual act of intercourse. These orgasms are paramount because they make the anticipation for intercourse higher which gives a greater chance for penetrative orgasms and possibly multiple orgasms. The important thing to remember about orgasms are that they require time and concentration. You have to work up to that heightened level of sensitivity and arousal. The Penetration orgasm takes place during intercourse and are important to master in order to make multiple orgasms possible.

Foreplay Orgasms:
-Nipple: Though this is very rare, some women (and men) actually possess a higher concentration of extra sensitive nerves in the nipple and the right combination of stimulation with the hands and mouth can cause a moderate-intensity orgasm.
-Clitoral: This is common and very effective; its important to focus special attention the pearl tip of the clitoris. The "pearl" is has the highest and most exposed nerve ends; also this is where the blood rushes at the point of deep arousal. Not as intense as other vaginal orgasms, but still works wonders :)
-"Deep Spot": So this happens when a guy gets a really deep penetration and you have an inevitable ejaculation; this is usually the first type of orgasm a woman ever experiences, simply because its so easy to execute.
-"G Spot": This is similar to the deep spot orgasm, the difference being that you have to know exactly where the G Spot is. You must really know your partner in order to hit this spot...

Penetration Orgasms:
-Vaginal: This is the most common. This is the intercourse version of the "deep spot" orgasm, however this one is not always so easy to get to. This is one that relies heavily upon execution of a foreplay orgasm.
-Anal: This occurs when you have a clitoral or vaginal orgasm during "back door" entry and can be much more intense than a vaginal orgasm by itself; most common amongst gay men.
-Multiple: These are sooo great!!! This when you have climax over a few minutes time...can be difficult

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