Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sexual Behaviors in Children Intro

Many people believe that sexuality is developed in our pubescent years through adulthood. More so, there has always been a stigma about sexuality as nothing more than a means of reproduction vs a natural state of being and awareness. This is actually not so. We are born sexual creatures of nature and we gradually develop mentalities and habits as we grow, from childhood onward.

As a mother, initially it was difficult to use the word sex and child in the same sentence. In my mind and in the world, as a whole, the only instances in which the two words are intermingled are in reference to a violation or abuse. And, to be honest, who wants to think about their own kids in any remote sexual way? It's difficult enough to tell them where babies come from and, later on, have the "birds and the bees" talk, but sexuality? How uncomfortable!

But, its an actual disservice not to do so. The very behaviors we exhibit are watched closely by our children, including non-physical sexual behaviors. In fact, the ideas given about intimacy and sex at that young age has the ability to affect your child well into their adult life. So, as parents, we have to be very careful about the messages we send.

I found that this information hit home when my children started asking some very startling questions...and only at age 7! Immediately, the fear came that there was something wrong or that someone might be harming them. That's a valid reaction, but I had to know whether we had an issue or natural childish curiosity. And, honestly, I'm glad I did my homework and am grateful for what I found.

I hope this information in this piece is absorbed and may help to understand your child/future children in a better way as human beings.

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