Monday, January 9, 2012

Introduction to the Big O

It's amazing that so many people today don't know much about the orgasm. We all know what orgasms are, in a matter of speaking. But I'm never shocked when I hear a female say that she's never experienced one or don't know what it feels like. The orgasm is so important that in ancient times, the orgasmic phase of sexual religious rituals was thought to be the highest point that a person could ascertain spiritually to God himself. Even as late as the 1800s, an orgasm was thought to be the cure for many psychological disorders, even delirium. 

So why today does it seem that we are so lost on the topic of male/female orgasm? It would appear that mentally we are still in a phase of believing sex is not about the mental/physical/spiritual pleasure but procreation. Its probably this same mentality that has demonized sexual rites/climactic rituals in religion and spirituality today. Sex is/was something meant to be enjoyed and to draw the two participants together physically and spiritually. 

But orgasms are not always easily attainable, especially amongst women. Which is why it is important for us to explore the facets of our bodies intimately in order to know what turns us on and what doesn't. There are so many factors that go into an orgasm or if you're lucky multiple orgasms. You have to know how to get them, what makes them stronger and more frequent. Every person is different so every person's hot button will be different.

Hopefully the information that follows will help to turn it all upside down or just give you a little extra spice in the bedroom for good.

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