Monday, September 12, 2011

Pragma or Pragmatic Lovers

I'm sure most of us are familiar with VH1's 'What Chili Wants', where she has a literal mental checklist of qualities for a man and dates, then dumps them all based on not meeting one or a few items on her list. This is the perfect example of the pragmatic lover. These are people that have very practical and traditional outlooks on life and love. They look at relationships similar to investments: will you be an asset or a liability? Will it be a high rate of return? Is this a long or short term investment? Unfortunately, they tend to view marriage and children in a similar fashion. They know exactly what they want and need in a potential life partner and will not settle for anything less. To be fair, they don't expect you to be "perfect", just "perfect for me". They are very into appearances, as well. They will not adjust for you, because they expect you to be the missing puzzle piece and just fit. But there are great aspects of these lovers. Because they revolve around practicality and rationality, they are unlikely to cheat in lieu of the consequences. In their mind, the risk isn't worth the reward. Also, when they finally find a compatible mate, it generally lasts because the expectations of the relationship are realistic.

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