Monday, September 12, 2011

Ludus or Ludic Lovers

We all know Ludic lovers by a different name. That's right, everyone. We're talking about players!!! And don't think by players, I just mean men. Women are some of the biggest and baddest players of them all. Ladies, if you disagree then you must not be well acquainted with the "Power of the P", but that's a later discussion. Ludic lovers like entertainment and variety. They pick and dispose of partners based on how much fun they're having at the time. They'll never get too emotionally involved because they can't afford to lose control. Keep in mind that these lovers lack self-control so they seek to be in control. {Ladies: Did you ever wonder why a man can cheat on you and feel you should get over it, but if you turn the tables he flips out? This is why- a man has to have a certain level of control over his own life, i.e. career, family, etc. When he lacks power and control in the major facets of his life, he will attempt to assert it elsewhere, generally in his relationship with you. This is the root cause of sexual aggression/deviance and physical/mental/emotional/sexual abuse.} Bottom line, if they control themselves and their circumstances, they'll attempt to control you!

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