Monday, September 12, 2011

Ludic Lovers and Dating

They're generally good-looking, smooth and great in bed. And this is the absolute extent of what is good about this type. Realistically, there is ZERO benefit to this type of lover. Even if all you want is an in-and-out Slap & Tickle, get an erotic lover- at least you get the fantasy sex and a little damn respect! If you're dating this type, you need to assess why: Are you insecure? Do you think you can't do better? Are you afraid? Are you in denial? Be real with yourself and accept the fact that you CANNOT change them! If they change, it will because they choose to. And don't hold your breath, either. There are lifelong players out here. And falling into marriage and family is a trap that won't end well. All you have left is a broken heart and mental hang ups. If you're this lover, you probably identify with one or more of these: a) career aspirations aren't met, b) abuse was/is prevalent in your life, c) male figures lacked respect for women, d) female figures were negative/not present/negligent, d) education level is low, e) low self-esteem or f) lack acceptance amongst your peers. Player, whatever the cause, you will one day meet your match. Before that happens and ends badly, assess yourself and your attitudes/mentalities towards relationships and people. In life, there is karma and you'll answer for all that you do. Fair warning!

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