Saturday, September 24, 2011

How A Broken Heart Occurs

When we fall in love, the body releases high levels of dopamine("happy" hormone) and oxytocin("trust" hormone). Just like with any chemical, they are addictive. In the beginning throes of love and passion, the intensity of the emotions that we feel are a direct indication of how much of those related hormones are pumping...yes, I said it! It's all hormonal. And over a short amount of time, you become highly addicted to those hormones. So when you suddenly find yourself losing that loved one, you instantaneously begin going through withdrawal from those hormones. In essence, your heart misses a person. But your mind misses a chemical and the associated chemical & neurological reaction. Just like going into rehab for any drug- or alcohol-related addiction, you'll begin to experience normal withdrawal symptoms: insomnia, lack of appetite, mental disturbances, nostalgia, delirium, etc. Breakups also cause chemical/physiological variations in heart rate, blood flow, blood pressure and digestion. This is the reason why you may experience stomach aches and feel your heart racing at times. In addition, the abundance of cortisol(stress hormone) in your blood stream weakens the immune system. Which makes you more susceptible to fatigue, illness and infections. Is it really better to have loved and lost??? decide!

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