Monday, September 12, 2011

Erotic Lovers and Dating

If you're in a relationship with an erotic lover, don't panic! You can overcome these obstacles by embracing both your and their flaws. It may sound funny, but you have to counteract the fantasy with reality. You have to show your flaws and make it clear you will love them despite their less than perfect qualities- see Beyonce: Flaws and All. And some of you egotists are probably saying, "I don't have any flaws, nothings wrong with me!" You're lying and in denial: everyone has flaws, lots! And if you can't admit and embrace them, no one will ever live you for who you REALLY are. Not because you're undeserving, but because you don't know and love you. If you are the erotic lover, you are sure to experience more than a few ups-and-downs in love. The beautiful thing about you is that you have the ability to give unparalleled love and affection to the right one. But you have to dig deep! Remember: For every one good quality a person may possess, there are 1-3 bad qualities behind it. And flaws are not necessarily a bad thing. True love is about admiring the desirable and accepting the perfect imperfections that make us all human and unique.

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