Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eros, or Erotic Love

Erotic love is the love of beauty and passion. This is the person we label as the 'hopeless romantic', devoted to being in love at all costs. Girls, this is the guy who sends you flowers just because and tells you how amazingly beautiful you are, every chance he gets. Guys, this the hot girl that's crazy about you. She cooks your favorite meal just to make you smile, gives you massages when you're sore and turns sex into an erotic experience over and over again. This sounds great, right? Really- the attentiveness, passion and appreciation is a comforting and magical feeling. You feel as if you could love this person forever! But the problem with these lovers is that love and marriage is like a fantasy world and when the first sign of reality rears it's ugly head, they will become disenchanted. It's not that they never loved you, but they were too taken with beauty and physical gratification. Many times, these lovers feel empty inside because life is unfulfilling for them. So, when they find something that fills that void, they jump in and don't assess all the qualities that make you who you are. So the first bug fight may slightly change their perception, but they'll stay. When you lack enough time for them, they'll feel unloved and neglected. And when you begin to expect and require more responsibility from them(GASP!), the fantasy has now imploded and it's only a matter of time until it ends. The fairy tale is over and so is your relationship. This is similar to a months long teenage love affair. The reality is there is NO reality in this relationship.

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