Monday, September 12, 2011

Agape or Agapic Lovers

Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Mother Theresa- these are the prime examples of Agapic lovers. This love is without ego or thought for self. Its sacrificial, compassionate and unconditional. These tend to be spiritual or religious people (and I don't mean Sunday morning hypocrites, who use religion to further promote self-fulfilling prophecies or otherwise ungodly motivations) who love people based on a love of people, in general. This will be the lover that will do anything for you- take care of you when you're sick, give you a kidney, hurt anyone who tries to harm you. These are the once-in-a-lifetime loves that you know are a rarity. Agapic lovers view their significant others as a blessing from God and strive to show their appreciation by taking care of them on every level. Marriage and family are sacred ground and are not neglected or taken lightly. And these lovers are generally faithful, for fear of hurting their loved ones feelings and showing a lack of gratitude for their God-given gift.

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